Muslim Delicatessen Criticized for Refusing to Serve Pork and Beer

DES MOINES, IOWA – Fahri Solak, a deli owner originally from Istanbul, received criticism recently for refusing to serve pork and beer to a customer at Halal Meat and Greet, which he has operated for the past five years.

“Pork and alcohol are haram. I have a right not to serve things that go against my religious beliefs. Particularly after the Supreme Court ruling, it is clear that religious beliefs take precedent over a customer’s wants and needs,” Solak told The Millennial Snowflake.

“I was so angry when he refused to serve me pork. I’m a religious man, too, but this is just too much. I don’t want Shakira Law in my country! America First!” Bob Porter countered in a statement.

“It isn’t as if I won’t serve non-Muslims. I’ll gladly serve therm chicken, beef, or any number of seafood dishes; I just won’t serve pork or alcohol, as it would go against my faith. Also, maybe these fat fucks should just have a salad,” Solak explained.

In response to the moratorium, angry, porkless Iowans have threatened to stage a boycott of Solak’s deli.

“Islamic religious beliefs have no place in our delis,” a spokesperson for Iowans for Pork Consumption (IPC) told the press. “We work hard, and if we want to sit down to a nice pork sandwich and drink some beer, that’s our right! We demand that this man serve pork and alcohol, or go back home. When we said we wanted religious freedom, we never imagined it would come to this.”

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