Music Prodigy Aspiring To Be Next Ray Charles Blinded By Eclipse

Blind piano prodigy plays in a studio.

ATLANTA — Music prodigy Travis Watson, who was first discovered on YouTube singing and playing keyboard in the New York City subway, is touted by fans as being the next Ray Charles. While the comparisons to the legendary singer may sound like a stretch, the young artist just gained another thing in common with Charles.

Despite ample warning not to watch the eclipse without proper eye protection, Watson stared at the sun’s coronas for the full duration of the eclipse. By the time the astronomical event was over, Watson’s world remained dark. Now, like his idol, the prodigy is learning to play blind.

“At first, I was heartbroken,” said Watson, “but then it dawned on me that it’s just another blessing in disguise. Oh, there’s a song — just another blessing in disguise. I’ve been playing by ear my whole life anyways.”

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