Millennial Woman Decides Purpose “Being Rather Than Doing Per Se”

millennial hippie chick decides purpose is being rather than doing.

SAN DIEGO — Becky Cremlin learned from her horoscope that “one particular secret (she’s) always wondered about — something you’ve never really understood, from way back — is about to come to the surface now.” Becky the Pisces new instantly the secret it referred to was the question of her purpose in this world, a purpose she decided was simply to “be, rather than to do.” No more worrying about paying off student loans, keeping up with bills, or aspiring to do anything at all. Becky committed herself to just existing. She is far from alone. Millions of millennials are living out the same lifestyle. Millennials may think about doing things, but following Becky’s philosophy, they can stay true to themselves and focus on their higher calling.

“When I read the last line of my horoscope it all fit together: The good news is that the outcome you’ve always wished for is most likely what comes out.,” said Becky. “That’s what’s happened. I didn’t want to work. My only aspiration was getting out of my parent’s basement. But I think I’m okay right where I’m at now.”

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