Millennial Thinks About Starting Own Business Someday If Like Being a Famous YouTuber Doesn’t Work Out or Something

Millennial totally thinking about starting a business or something.

SANTA MONICA, CA — Millennial Greg Anthony is totally thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own business someday if like being a famous YouTuber doesn’t work out or something.

“My plan A is definitely the YouTube game. I don’t really know exactly what I’m gonna talk about yet, but I just feel like I have a lot to say. Maybe I’ll do a prank channel or be like a pickup artist. Skits are easy enough. My friends say I’m pretty funny, and my IG has like 10k followers. Even my finsta is blowing up.”

Currently, the millennial is taking a gap year before applying for college, while ‘recuperating his energy’ at his parent’s house and finding his true passion.

“If it turns out I’m not the next Jake Paul or even like a Jimmy Tatro, then worst case scenario, I see myself as a Zuckerberg. I’m not one hundred on what industry I’ll dive into, but the app game is pretty strong, or I could always take a small loan from the ‘rents and invest in some crypto. Hear that’s on the up and up.”

“I haven’t really been doing anything recently to necessarily move my dreams forward. I don’t really believe in goals. That puts pressure on things. Ya know, my attitude is more of a zen thing. Like if it’s meant to happen, it will,” said Anthony.

At press time, Anthony was considering starting his YouTube channel, but decided to hold off until he gets a better laptop with a camera and some ‘lit’ video editing software.


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