Millennial Employee Pretty Sure He Deserves A Raise

WOODLAND HILLS, CA — As the three month mark at his new job approaches, Garrett Judson has become increasingly certain he is deserving of a raise. Although he is the only recent grad at the affiliate marketing firm and merely works an entry-level position, Judson believes he has a strong case for an increase in his pay, based on his potential.

Reportedly, Judson has an extremely high work ethic for a millennial. On the downside, he has been known to take frequent breaks to vape in the parking lot. Additionally, Judson requires incessant feedback, explaining that, “it’s how he improves.”

“Seriously?” his boss Craig Jones said, adding, “He’s been here a couple months, and he’s planning on asking for a raise?”

We reached out to Judson for comment about the unfolding situation, but he was on the phone with his parents and browsing financial independence guides on Millennial Money Guide at the time this story was written.

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