Michelle Claims She’s a Big Football Fan, but He’ll Be the Judge of That

Man questions whether or not female coworker is actually a true Falcons fan.

ATLANTA — Area woman Michelle Davis came into work visibly upset Monday morning. Concerned coworker Alexander Chung asked Davis what was wrong to which she explained that the nearly blown lead against the Detroit Lions gave her a nightmare about the Falcon’s loss in the Super Bowl. Puzzled, Chung proceeded to question Davis’ fandom, saying that “he’ll be the judge” of whether or not she was a true Falcons fanatic.

After grilling her for fifteen minutes with exhaustive questioning, like knowing where each player went to college, what round they were drafted in, who the starters and backups are, and what each player’s statistics for the current and past season are, Chung was still undecided as to whether or not Davis could claim true fandom.

Chung remained doubtful of her commitment to the team, and made sure to let her know that he’s a bigger fan than her. She lifted up her shirt, revealing the Falcon’s logo, yelled “Rise up” and walked away. That was the first time Chung felt true love for anything other than his team.

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