McDonald’s Announces New Half-Dollar Menu to Appeal to Broke Millennials

McDonald's announces new half-dollar menu to appeal to millennial snowflakes.

McDonald’s is shaking things up a bit with a fresh take on their Dollar Menu — a Half-Dollar Menu. The fast-food chain and global icon has a propensity for adapting to the market and also for establishing industry trends. This tactical maneuver is designed to score points with financially challenged millennials. According to The Millennial Snowflake Research Center (MSRC), most millennials now consider the Dollar Menu unaffordable. The menu items will remain the exact same as they were on the old menu, but with a fifty percent price cut on everything. “We expect to see millennials flocking to McDonald’s. Between student loans and avocado toast, there’s just not enough left in the budget to be spending their extra dollars — but fifty cents is another matter,” said Millennial Snowflake Research Center Lead Analyst Carl Sweat.

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