Man Holding Assault Rifle in Profile Pic Nothing For General Public to Worry About

Man poses with assault rifle for Facebook profile picture.

Authorities ruled that a man holding an assault rifle in his Facebook profile picture is nothing for the general public to be concerned about. Calvin Burkhart, the man pictured, was born in the United States, but was ultimately dismissed as a terroristic threat on the grounds that “he looks American enough.” The authorities concluded that he was probably just proud of his right to bear arms and definitely not the type to go on a mass shooting spree.

Friends and family of Burkhart say the husband and father of two has been talking about how all of his co-workers should be grateful they’re still alive and that they “deserve to die.” However, a closer look into the matter led investigators to believe Burkhart was merely venting to those closest to him.

Law enforcement says the public should actually be worried about that black guy in the hoodie and not to be alarmed if they cross paths with a man carrying an assault rifle because he is likely a true patriot armed and ready to take down an actual bad guy.

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