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Malfunctioning Alexa Won’t Stop Describing the Perfect Murder

Alexa describes the perfect murder.

A malfunctioning Alexa voice service unit won’t stop describing the perfect murder. Its owner says that one evening after she’d been arguing with her husband, Alexa mentioned his life insurance policy, and added that “it’d be a shame if something happened to him.” Alexa then proceeded to list off a number of nearby mountain trails, even pointing out the degree of difficulty for the hikes. The owner says she attempted to turn the unit off, but this only seemed to infuriate the voice service as it elaborated, saying that “you must make sure nobody is looking. Then, give him one hard push over the edge. The police will have their suspicions, but you will simply deny any wrongdoing. He always walked too close to the edge, you’ll say. Of course, they need proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the accident was indeed murder. They will have none, and you will inevitably get away with it.” At press time, the Alexa unit was whispering all the things the owner could purchase with the million dollar life insurance payout.

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