Local Applebees in Trouble after 2 Star Yelp Review from Suburban Housewife

Looks like the Wichita, Kansas Applebees is on thin ice after receiving a less than stellar review from Cassandra Mcintosh, mother of 3. Shield your eyes folks, this review gets a little rough to read.

“We went out to our favorite Applebees one night after my daughter’s clarinet recital,” Mcintosh began. “Of course, we ordered our usual appetizer of Cheeseburger Egg Rolls. They took 20 minutes to come out! This is unacceptable. Our youngest son, Jeremiah, wanted orange juice, but all that was available was apple and grape. Neither of those are his favorite, which is orange.” Talk about a disaster already! But things are only going to get worse for the McIntosh family.

“Our waitress had to come back to make sure she got our orders correct, and we’re always used to perfect wait staff. This second-guessing is out of control.” When asked for a comment, waitress and high school junior Aly Smith said “I had 8 tables when they were here. I’m so tired. I make less than minimum wage and all I do is get yelled at by menopausal women. I can’t wait for college.”

After reading the review, Bill and TJ Palmer, Applebees founders avowed, “This is not what Applebees is known for. Rest assured that we have fired all staff and closed the Wichita location.” Another Yelp review to the rescue!

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