Kanye West Announces He Will Run for Presidency on Pro-Slavery Platform in 2020

Kanye West announces he will run for presidency on pro-slavery platform.

CHICAGO, IL — The polarizing provocateur and rapper-turned fashion mogul Kanye West announced that he will look to add another credential to his resume: President of the United States.

Following his insistence that slavery was a choice, a stance that he only apologized for after receiving massive backlash, West has continued to espouse beliefs that could cost him dearly with the African-American vote if he were to indeed run in 2020 — for instance, that he has the desire to see the 13th Amendment, which prevents slavery, abolished.

Despite many of the offensive actions and opinions West has expressed, his most recent comment manages somehow to outdo anything he has ever said or done before. On Friday morning West announced that in addition to running for the presidency in 2020, he will be doing so on a pro-slavery platform.

“Slavery is a choice,” said West. “I’m for slavery honestly. If someone doesn’t want to be enslaved, let them try to fight it. If they are enslaved, it’s because they want to be. They let it happen.”

Earlier in the week, Snoop Dogg called West an “Uncle Tom ass n**ga,” and hundreds of other celebrities joined him in full-throated criticism of West. Others have been saying he is “cancelled” altogether.

West went on to clarify that what he meant slavery metaphorically. “It’s about mental slavery,” he said. “And about being woke to it. If you ain’t woke, you ain’t with it, so you’re already enslaved.”

West also used the opportunity to promote his new line of Yeezy Chains and Whips, which he said will be available in 2020 alongside his presidential campaign.

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