Isaiah Thomas Picks Himself As Sleeper Candidate For MVP

Isaiah Thomas picks self as sleeper mvp candidate

The polarizing 5 foot 9 inch point guard picked himself as a sleeper candidate for MVP. Despite the fact that the Cavaliers record has plummeted since he returned to the court from injury, Isaiah Thomas believes he has been “dominant,” adding that his teammates need to learn how to play with him.

“After Lebron, Kev, J.R., and the others get a feel for my game, I’m gonna lead this team where we need to go,” he said. “But first they gotta just focus on fitting in around me. Lebron is the Robin to my Batman. K-Love is like Catwoman.”

Thomas is shooting just 39 percent from the field, while his scoring average has dropped fourteen points from the year prior, but he anticipates all of that is about to change.

“As soon as Ty Lue starts running the offense through me, we’re gonna destroy the East. Can’t wait to play Boston,” said Thomas. “Then, I see us playing Warriors in the finals. We’ll beat them in 6 games at most. I’ll put up about 35 a game.”

Thomas added that he expects the MVP race to be tight, but ultimately, is confident he’ll come out on top with a historic level of play in the second half of the season.

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