How to IG Yourself Crunching Dead Leaves in Ugg Boots and Still Be Edgy

Basic white girl takes pics of self wearing ugg boots over dead leaves for IG, but still wants to be edgy.

As pumpkin spice lattes, flannel, and leggings usher in the beloved fall season, some other notable Instagram trends also mark this time of year. You are far from alone if you wind up posting pics of filtered foliage, standing on dead leaves in the new boots you got on Black Friday, your PSL, the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, or all of the above.

But the real question is, how can you IG yourself crunching dead leaves in ugg boots and still be edgy? Well, we’re here to tell you.


1. Be a risk taker

Leave your house with the pumpkin spice candles burning. Live your life on the edge. Be bold. Let fate have some wiggle room to work with.


2. Go against the trends

Go on Pinterest, see what fall hair colors are in…and do the opposite. You’re #Wild.


3. Get a tattoo

Get a tattoo on your thigh. Wrist tattoos are too mainstream. Neck tattoos are a bit much, but a thigh tattoo shows you’re okay with making some questionable decisions. We recommend a Day of the Dead pinup if you want to be super edgy.


4. No small talk…get to the heart of the matter

You’re edgy. You don’t have time for small talk. It’s your job to call out the BS. Ask everyone their greatest fears, what they believe the meaning of life is, and why they’re here on earth.


5. Be disagreeable

Disagree with them no matter what their answer is. This will assert you as a leader, not a follower. Be a contrarian and be about the opposite of whatever others are saying and doing.



If you follow through with steps one through five, you can easily get away with posting IG pics of yourself crunching dead leaves in ugg boots and still avoid being a basic b!%@#.

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