I Have A Billion Dollar App Idea But Before I Tell You What It Is I Need You To Sign This NDA

Some guy has next billion dollar app idea but needs you to sign NDA before he can tell you what it is.

I have a billion dollar app idea. But I’m going to need you to sign this non-disclosure agreement before I tell you what it is.

Perfect. Now that that’s signed, let’s begin. The reason why I’m meeting with you is because I have an app idea that’s going to literally change the world. Imagine someone told you that you were guaranteed to win the lottery? Well, that’s the chance I’m offering you. This is a zero risk opportunity. All you have to do is buy a ticket. How do I do that you ask?

You can buy your ticket one of two ways: sweat equity or money. I’d prefer money, but worst case scenario we can do an equity deal with a buyback clause or dilute you down to an appropriate level as I see fit once we bring on angel investors. Oh, speaking of which Ashton Kutcher responded to my tweet, but I couldn’t give him the logistics publicly. Too risky. I sent him a PM, so I’m just waiting to hear back. Needless to say, there’s already some pretty big interest and some big names indirectly involved in this idea.

But here’s the reason for the hype: This app is an industry that generates billions of dollars of revenue every year. All we need to do is capture a sliver of that market and BOOM! We’ll be doing body shots on our yacht off Russian models.

Okay, so here’s the plan. We’re going to create a social network in which all ads are paid for with crypto. The blockchain will allow advertisers to remain anonymous. Everything will be encrypted. But here’s the real money-maker. Get this: it’s gonna be centered around cannabis and we’re going to call it CannaBook.

It’s a combination of all the hottest industries right now. Crypto, cannabis, social media, and apps rolled into one. Literally fail proof. If you’re in I’m going to need you to be all in. Based on the projected value of this app 100k will get 1% of my company. This is a pretty conservative act of good faith in my part because I’m essentially giving you first options with a valuation of 100 million dollars when you and I both know this is a billion dollar idea. You ready to get to work partner?


In other news, if you like to write poetry or inspirational quotes, here’s a more legitimate idea than CannaBook.

Download My Typewriter, the typewriter app that allows you to write in 11 vintage fonts, save, and export to whatever platform you’d like. It’s currently available in iOS and will be available in Google Play by late May.


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