High Heels for Men Lets Him Finally Know What It’s Like to Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Man walks in high heels, looks down at aching feet.

CHICAGO — 2017 saw RompHim debut its rompers for men. What originated as a Kickstarter campaign quickly turned into a juggernaut, occupying a unique space in the “men’s” apparel industry. Whether to mock or applaud the new style, RompHim was shared widely across social media, sealing the deal on its viral growth.

Fashion is indeed fickle as the founders will gladly admit, but it appears this millennial brand will be around to stay. The same company that brought the world men’s rompers has truly outdone itself. RompHim announced Wednesday that they will soon be releasing a line of high heels for men. While many initially believed the rompers to be part of a comedy skit, the company has shown it’s no joke by turning out serious profits.

Some were quick to point out that high heels for men would be the exact same as high heels for women, but co-founder Daniel Webster-Clark dispelled that notion decisively.

“First of all, how many high heels currently in shoe stores or even online have a steel-toed option? The answer is none,” said Webster-Clark, “but all that’s about to change. We’re coming out with camo high heels for men, among dozens of other styles. On top of that, let’s just look at it like this — could men fit in high heels before? The answer to that is also no. They weren’t made in men’s sizes because they weren’t made for men at all. But there’s a gap in the market and we’re just the first to fill it.”

Now it seems men across the nation will finally have a deeper understanding of precisely what their girlfriend or wife means when she asks if he knows what it’s like to walk in her shoes — the answer will at long last be, Why actually, I do.


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