Hide and Seek World Champion Remains Missing

Hide and seek world champion remains missing.

BERGAMO, ITALY — The Hide and Seek World Championship draws thousands to Bergamo, Italy annually. However, this year’s event saw tragedy unfold as hide and seek world champion Nascondino “Ghost” Perez remained missing well after the conclusion of the games. His friends and family have grown increasingly concerned for his safety, citing bad blood and jealousy between hide and seek competitors as a grave and very real threat. Many in the international hide and seek community are heartbroken by the loss of what they call the “Michael Jordan of hide and seek.” Yet, others believe “Ghost” is simply growing his legend. Authorities have received reports of people spotting Perez all over the world, but none have been confirmed, nor has his body been found.

“In some ways, you could say Dino went out like a champ,” said longtime rival Alvin “Snake” Adams. “It’s only fitting that he can’t be found.”

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