Guy With Car As His Cover Photo Chimes In On Facebook Debate

MOBILE, AL — When area woman Mary Jo Elizabeth posted the question “Does Black Lives Matter give black people a bad reputation?” as her Facebook status, a heated debate ensued.

While Mary Jo simply intended on expressing her passively racist sentiment by claiming she was “stirring the pot,” dozens of her Facebook friends called her out on the blatant micro aggression. However, some guy with a car as his cover photo was quick to come to Mary Jo’s defense.

While guy with car as his cover photo merely holds a GED, he also pointed out that he knows how the world really works. He commented, “These people think white lives don’t matter to? They think we owe them reparations…we don’t owe them NOTHIN!!!!”

Other commenters attempted to explain that BLM started as a response to police brutality towards minorities. Many were still in shock that he knew what the word “reparations” meant. Little did they know car cover photo guy watches Fox News to get real educated. He responded by informing them of the BLM movement’s ulterior motives. “You give em an inch they’ll take an ell,” he wrote.

Guy with car as cover photo made sure to reply to every comment that accused him of being racist by informing them that one of his “homeboys is black.”

He logged out of Facebook that night feeling assured that he was helping to stop the spread of reverse racism and that if more people were like him, they really could make America great again.

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