Gun Supplier Targets Micropenis Conventions, Sells Out Entire Stock

Alt-right males purchase firearms at a micropenis convention.

Gun supplier Colt McCarron has made a habit of attending micropenis conventions, not because he has one, he insists, but because, “that’s where the real business is.”

“For whatever reason, there’s a strange correlation between penis size and the demand for firearms. In thirty years selling weaponry, I’ve never had more success than at these conventions. I sell out my entire stock every single time.”

According to many experts in the digital marketing arena, McCarron’s acumen is reflective of a trend of aggressive advertising and spamming by gun sellers across micropenis forums, online support groups, and Facebook groups.

“It’s like shooting fish in a barrel,” said McCarron. “Let me tell you something. I sell a lot of hunting rifles and weapons, but the automatic and semi-automatic weapons are my best-sellers at the micropenis conventions. I guess, they feel like they need the extra firepower.”


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