Fitspo Model Inspires Dozens Across The Nation

Fitspo model poses on bed.

MALIBU — Fitspo model Ally May inspired dozens across the nation. Her most recent post, featuring her wearing a sports bra and activewear while cutting fruit, was exactly the push they needed to make radical changes in their lifestyle.

“I read her caption,” said Ally May follower Madison Kilpatrick. “She was like ‘I just did an hour of cardio. What did YOU do this morning?’ and it got me thinking — Sarah, what did you do this morning?”

The fitspo model showed her followers the right way to cut an apple for meal prep. The majority of her posts are of her showing her followers the best ways to squat and perform other exercises for their glutes.

“I have a surprisingly large male following,” said May. “Most of my exercises and dieting advice is designed for the women I train, but the guys seem to love my posts, too.”

May’s following swelled from roughly 10,000 to nearly 50,000 followers in a matter of months after she used her fitspo platform to regularly advocate for women in a series of revealing selfies with various captions about self-love.

May believes women of all shapes and sizes should be accepted exactly the way they are just like she was after she started going to the gym five days a week.

“Skinny is not sexy,” said May. ‘Healthy is.”


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