How Fake News Led A Distraught President Trump to Believe Bieber-Gomez Reunion Over Already

Distraught Trump believes fake news that Jelena are broken up.

Social media has led to a rapid proliferation of misinformation. Separating fact from fiction seems to be getting harder every day.

President Trump was the latest to fall victim to fake news. After locking himself in his White House bedroom, a visibly distraught and morbidly unkempt Trump re-emerged that evening.

“He looked like he’d seen a ghost,” said White House Communications Director Hope Hicks. “He wouldn’t say what was wrong. But I know he checks Twitter in the morning, so I suspected it had something to do with a comment he’d seen on it. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d been riled up. But this was different. I’ve never seen him so sad.”

The president has weighed in on celebrity relationships before. He once tweeted to tell Robert Pattinson not to get back with Kristen Stewart after her cheating became public.

“He would barely touch his eggs and ketchup. Finally, he showed me a tweet declaring Jelena officially over,” said Hicks. “I had no idea he cared so much about them, but he told me that it was proof true love doesn’t exist. I tried to console him. That’s when I noticed the name of the site the article had been tweeted from. It was a celebrity gossip site.”

Hicks proceeded to explain to the president that the gossip publication was almost assuredly fake news.

“It was amazing watching the hope return to his eyes when I told him it was fake news. President Trump has a big heart and loves a great love story,” said Hicks.


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