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Experts Warn Against New Crystal Swallowing Trend

New Age spiritualist prepares to swallow a quartz crystal.

On the heels of the crystal swallowing trend that’s sweeping California, Colorado, and Burning Man, experts warn that the mystical craze may pose serious health problems. Swallowing crystals is intended to have a healing effect. For example, gulp down an amethyst to feel relaxed, turquoise to align your chakras, serpentine to manifest your desires, and clear quartz for unparalleled clarity. However, experts contend that all of these positive effects are simply a placebo, but that the internal bleeding and anal hemorrhaging are very real. They also suggest that the negatives may outweigh the positives of this hot new trend. “Even if you could align your chakras, bleeding out of your ass is a pretty big price to pay.” says health and wellness coach Patrick Enis.

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