He Doesn’t Use Emojis and Other Signs He’s Probably A Sociopath

Sociopath texts without ever using emojis.

Amanda James became gravely concerned when her boyfriend Reggie Knox practically refused to send emojis in any of his texts. By all appearances, Reggie was just your everyday millennial, but his dark side grew apparent in his text messages.

“One time I sent him an ‘I love you’ with a heart emoji and a kissy-face emoji right after. You know what that sick freak sent? ‘Love you,’ no emoji. What kind of sociopath even does that?” said James.

James claimed the signs were there all along.

“We were dating. Boyfriend — girlfriend,” said James. “And he would still send me ‘wyd’ texts late at night like I was some booty call.”

Close friends of Knox shared James’ concerns about her boyfriend’s sociopathic tendencies.

“I’d send him memes or tell him funny things that happened throughout the week,” said Reed Holland. “He’d text back an ‘lol’ or ‘haha.’ That’s it. Nothing else, but lol’s and haha’s. Honestly, I don’t I ever knew the real Reggie.”

The Millennial Snowflake Research Center (MSRC) published a study analyzing the text patterns of sociopaths and found that 100% of them refrained from using emojis entirely.

“In the end, it hurts just thinking that I might not have ever really known the man I loved,” said James. “But we all want Reggie to get help.”

“I’m still waiting on the day he sends me a fire emoji, so I know he’s keeping it one hundred,” said Holland. “Just one.”


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