Doritos Reveals Extra Tough, Crunchier, Sweat-Resistant Chips For Men

Doritos announces extra tough, crunchier, sweat-resistant chips for men.

The product development team at Doritos is at it again. First, they created chips for ladies, designed to be less crunchy for quieter chewing, while also being less dusty than the original varieties — oh, and all of this comes in a smaller package to conveniently fit in women’s purses.

More recently, Doritos announced that it will release a new line of chips for men. These man chips will be extra tough and crunchier so men can announce their presence through extra loud mastication. Additionally, they’ll come in a massive black chip bag because men like the color black, whereas, it’s a known fact that women prefer their chips to come in pink eco-friendly bags.

Unlike the lady chips (which were softened because women kept cutting their little lady fingers on the sharp chip edges), the man chips will also have razor sharp edges to test their pain threshold. Another key difference between the man chips and lady chips is that the Doritos for men will be extra dusty, so men can lick their fingers in public as a way of putting their dominance and manliness on full display.

Last but not least, Doritos for men will be sweat-resistant, so men can eat chips and play sports at the same time without their perspiration making the chips soggy. No more going back and forth between throwing the pigskin and washing your hands before you eat chips. Now, men can work up a sweat and go straight for the chips without worrying about soggying them up!

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