Democrat Proposes to Send Identified Charlottesville White Supremacists to Fight on Frontlines Against ISIS

Charlottesville alt-right white supremacists bearing tiki torches gather around the Robert E. Lee statue.

WASHINGTON DC — In the aftermath of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally, which was all too reminiscent of the torch-bearing KKK gatherings of the past, the darker side of the United States has once again, reared its ugly head. The privilege to be able to say racism doesn’t exist, has been revoked for the world to see — racism is alive and well in the Divided States of America.

Fortunately, one social media vigilante is using the hashtag #YesYoureRacist on Twitter to identify the individuals in the mob that resulted in the deaths and injuries of several people. Many of the photographed men have already been named and their employer has been notified of their attendance, resulting in subsequent termination. So while it is their right to exercise their freedom of speech, hopefully this is just the beginning of a long, and painful series of consequences they must endure as private citizens.

In fact, if House Democrat Allen West’s proposal goes through, the identified Charlottesville white supremacists will be shipped overseas to fight against ISIS on the frontlines.

“These alt-right thugs have made it clear that they believe they are the best, brightest, and baddest men we have in this country, so I figure, let’s make use of that bravado and put them in a situation where that type of mentality is needed,” said West.

West expressed doubt that the Republicans will support his proposal because it might infringe on the civil liberties of the rally participants, but he is also simultaneously working to push forward a bill that could leave people, who attend hate gatherings open to individual and group prosecution when a crime is committed by one of their members.

“These men, if you’d call them that, say they want to make this country great again. Well, let’s take their word for it, and have them pay the ultimate sacrifice,” said West. “ISIS should in theory be everything they claim to hate — brown people, beheading Christians — now, go for it, Bubba.”


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