Creators of Sarahah: ‘We’re Taking Cyberbullying to the Next Level’

DENVER, COLORADO – The creators of Sarahah.com, the viral website which allows users to receive “anonymous feedback,” argue that this represents the future of cyberbullying.

“It used to be that mean comments could be traced back to the users, meaning that they could not be honest, for fear of being singled out. Thanks to our team at Sarahah, users can destroy the self-esteem of their coworkers, classmates, and general acquaintances without fear of being held responsible for being unpleasant. Think that bitch in the cubicle across from you wears too much makeup? Say it with Sarahah! Is your engaged coworker annoying you to death with wedding plans? Tell her just how fat her dress makes her look with Sarahah! Our goal is to make it such that no one has to keep cruel comments to themselves anymore,” the development team said in a statement.

Testimonials from all across the internet have been pouring in, with users expressing their relief that accountability and common decency are things of the past.

“My students can be real assholes sometimes. It’s obviously unprofessional for me to write ‘Go die in a fire’ in a student evaluation. However, thanks to Sarahah, I can take those little shits down a peg and keep my job!” Mrs. Johnson, who teaches 5th grade at her local elementary school, beamed in her review of the site.

“I love my son, but sometimes I wish it weren’t too late to have an abortion,” Jane Chesney wrote of her 13 year old son Dylan. “I obviously can’t tell him that, so I use Sarahah to express my innermost feelings. Thanks, Sarahah!”

All over the world, people are engaging in the cathartic activity of crushing people’s souls without repercussions. If you too consider yourself a passive-aggressive, spineless coward, who needs anonymity in order to tell the truth, then Sarahah might just be the place for you!

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