He Created a Facebook Fan Page for You and Other Easy-to-Miss Signs He Might Be into You

Creepy guy stares at Taylor Swift's ass.

He loves me, he loves me not…

Between ‘wyd’ texts, those dates you aren’t sure are actually dates, and all the options apps like Tinder and Bumble give people, it’s hard to pin down how he really feels about you.

They say when a man likes you, he’ll make it obvious. However, “does he like me” or some variation of it, are searched by millions of women every day. So maybe it isn’t that obvious.

At any rate, we’ve made a short list of some easy-to-miss signs he might be into you.


  1. He makes a Facebook fan page for you

He’s your biggest fan and wants to show you. He thinks you’re the greatest and deserve your own fan club, led of course by yours truly.

  1. He photoshops you into his pictures

He wants you to literally picture being with him. This is a good sign!

  1. You’re his Woman Crush Wednesday…every Wednesday

If you’re his #WCW every week, he might be feeling you.

  1. He stares at you without blinking for minutes at a time

It’s another good sign if he just can’t seem to take his eyes off you. If he looks at you without blinking for minutes at a time, he’s probably at least attracted to you.

  1. He calls you while you’re at work

If he calls you at work to tell you he’s thinking about you (especially if you didn’t give him your work number), you’re on his mind. Always a good sign!

  1. He shows up randomly at your work

If he shows up randomly at your work, he can’t wait to see you again. He’s definitely interested.

  1. He calls you when you don’t answer his texts

This means he’s dying to talk to you. He’s putting himself out there for you.

  1. He white knights you

If he says things like, “I would never leave you,” or “I would always treat you right. I would never do that to you,” he’s definitely vibing you.

  1. He tells you to smile

If he tells you to smile, he clearly wants nothing for you but the best. He wants you to be happy.

  1. He talks about what a nice guy he is

He wants you to know that he’s boyfriend material. This is a definite sign that he just wants a chance with you. Ball’s in your court!



If he does any of these things there’s a chance he likes you. If he does multiple, you have a decent shot. But if he does all ten, he wants something serious with you.

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