Conor McGregor Gets Tattoo of Himself Triumphantly Standing Over KO’d Mayweather and Listens Exclusively to Chumbawamba to Prep for ‘Billion Dollar Fight’

DUBLIN — The boisterous and equally skilled fighter Conor McGregor constantly seeks the mental edge needed to overcome his opponents.

One of the ways McGregor does this is by envisioning the result he desires. However, he recently took that a step further by getting a tattoo of himself standing over a knocked out Floyd Mayweather. The image is reminiscent of Muhammad Ali looking down at a defeated Sonny Liston.

McGregor says the tattoo is his most meaningful, stating that it represents the fact that, “Mayweather is a little b!^&h.”

In addition to his new ink, McGregor is preparing for his first professional boxing match by listening exclusively to the punk anthem “Tubthumping” by late 90s group Chumbawamba. The song is most famous for its catchy line “I get knocked down but I get up again,” which repeats for the entirety of the track.

McGregor’s trainer has employed the tactic to drive the Irish fighter “psychotic” before the bout — a tactic he believes is working.

The August 26th sporting event, billed as “the Billion Dollar Fight,” is expected to have 12 billion viewers.

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