City Slicker Tricked at BBQ Joint and Exiled From the South

LUMPKIN, GA — In an effort to experience “the true South,” recent Atlanta transplant Mike Stanton took a pit stop for lunch at Smokey Smith’s BBQ.

Stanton, originally from Connecticut, inquired about the restaurant’s vegetarian options, a question that exposed him as an outsider.

“You ain’t from round here are you?” asked Smokey Smith’s waitress Peggy Sue. “We got green beans with pork or baked beans.”

After going over the menu a number of times, Stanton decided the chicken was his best choice.

“Is the chicken pulled?” He asked.

“Absolutely. Anything for you, honey.”

It was not pulled.

“You won’t know the difference, city boy,” muttered Ms. Sue.

Later Stanton inquired about their banana pudding, to which he was informed that they only serve key lime and pecan pie.

The last straw for Ms. Sue, was when Stanton committed blasphemy for asking if they had unsweetened tea. He was banished from Smokey’s and subsequently, the rest of the South, never to return again.

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