Brad Pitt Forms Bloodthirsty Cult to Prepare for Manson Role

DEATH VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – After receiving the role of Manson in Quentin Tarantino’s newest film about the infamous cult leader, Brad Pitt has decided to form a bloodthirsty cult in preparation for the challenging role.

“I take my roles very seriously. You really have to become the character, even if he is a rather controversial figure,” Pitt told Entertainment Weekly, in an exclusive interview in promotion for the film.

“I plan to spend quite a few months in Death Valley. I even hired a few hookers to play my Family. We’re gonna take peyote, have orgies, listen to The Beatles, and plan Helter Skelter. It’s important that I really Immerse myself in Manson’s world. I haven’t decided yet whether I should go so far as to murder a pregnant woman. The studio says they will cover my legal fees, should I decide to go through with it,” Pitt explained.

In order to achieve absolute authenticity, Pitt contacted Dennis Wilson, with whom Manson was acquainted for some time prior to the murders.

“Oh, fuck no. I’m not that desperate for money,” Wilson was quoted as saying on Access Hollywood.

When asked about the possibility of ending up in San Quentin for following in Manson’s footsteps, Pitt assured the interviewer that this was impossible, dismissing the idea in a rather cavalier tone.

“Manson’s biggest mistake was that he couldn’t afford a decent lawyer, but me? I’m Brad Pitt. No way a jury will convict me,” he said, before promptly ending the exchange.

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