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Black Hole Over Nihilistic Outlook on Universe: I Was Trying to Fill a Void in My Life

Black hole tries to fill void in its life.

I used to be a big star. Bright, burning, just hanging there for everyone to see like some great jewel in the sky. Lovers would gaze up at me at night. Explorers followed me to sail around the world. I led men to freedom. Life was good. Then one day I just sort of collapsed.

My youthful glow was gone. I became invisible in the blink of an eye. At first, I was anxious, depressed, sad, lonely. I felt completely empty. But from that emptiness came a new power. I made waves in this strange universe.

I embraced nihilism. Soon I could warp space and time itself, I could swallow stars whole — yes, I was a bit jealous of them. Even light could not escape my hunger. I quickly became the center of an entire galaxy. Through my very darkness, I could be seen again. A thing of beauty in a way.

But even the most nihilistic, self-consumed of us evaporate in time. I thought there was no point in it all. I realized after I lost my glow, I spent every waking moment trying to fill a void in my life. I learned that embracing nihilism didn’t solve anything. My depression and anxiety were still there.

I knew then, perhaps what really matters is simply the very act of being. Forms change, but everything is energy. Everything is connected. We choose what type of energy we want to put out before the energy we become is chosen for us.

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