Ben and Jerry’s Releases ‘Smocking Hot Covfefe’ Ice Cream

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VERMONT — On Friday evening, a spokesperson for Ben and Jerry’s announced the release of a new flavor, called “Smocking Hot Covfefe.”

“With the release of Pecan Resist in October, we proved that we don’t shy away from political commentary and activism, ” the company said in a statement. “We wanted to continue that tradition by making use of two of the President’s most notorious Twitter gaffes.”

“The flavor includes chilis and chocolate chunks, ensuring that it is indeed ‘smocking hot,” the statement continued. “Hurry though, as this flavor will only be around for a limited time, much like the current occupant of the White House.”

Reactions to the new flavor were mixed, with the hashtag #BanBenAndJerrys trending on Twitter shortly following the announcement. Others, however, seemed thrilled about the new flavor, promising to buy several pints for the novelty value alone.

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