Badass House Husband Carries A Shit Load of Groceries In One Trip

House husband carrying a lot of groceries in one trip.

JOHN’S CREEK, GA — Badass house husband Rick Smits carried in a shit load of groceries in one trip.

“I was just seven-bagging it,” Smits said. “Could’ve carried eight or nine easy if the handles would hold up.”

Rick “Seven Bags” Smits, as he’s known around the neighborhood, is the measuring stick which all the other husbands in the cul de sac are up against.

“His forearms just look totally ripped carrying those bags,” said an anonymous wife. “My husband comes back from work in his lame ass suit and tie, while that hunk over there does all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Like can we swap, Debrah?”

Apparently, “Seven Bags” Smit is also the cool dad at school. He went into Dolvin Elementary career day for his daughter and knocked his presentation out of the park. By the end of it, Smits left a classroom worth of an entire generation of boys dreaming of being a house husband just like him.

“God, what can’t that guy do?” said neighbor and Turner Broadcasting exec Mike Gardin. “He’s just so…” Gardin paused. “So rugged.”

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