Area Man Refuses To Agree To Disagree

Triggered millennial snowflake stares angrily at his oppressor.

ATLANTA — Alexander Charles got into a heated debate Monday afternoon with close friend Corey Sams about the rights of the transgender community.

Charles is off the mind that there are two genders, a claim he says is “fact rooted in biology.” While Sams doesn’t see it as a binary issue, he felt no need to respond directly to his friend’s point. Instead, Sams chose to question the relevancy of concerning one’s self with the gender of others outside of dating preferences.

“Why does it bother you if someone wants to be identified as a man or a woman or whatever else they feel like?”

Charles retorted by explaining that he should not be forced to call a “man a woman, or a woman a man, just because they feel like it.”

“Nobody can make you do anything,” replied Sams. “It’s just a matter of trying to respect other people’s feelings. So yes, you are correct — if you don’t want to, then that’s up to you.”

Charles insisted that transgenderism is “by definition, a disorder” and that “these people are lying to themselves,” at which point, in an attempt to end the conversation, Sams said they should agree to disagree. Charles, however, refused to agree to disagree.

“So you think it’s okay for them to go into whatever bathroom they want to? So if a man wants to self-identify as a woman, he can just waltz on into a women’s restroom?” asked Charles.

“As long as the individual isn’t harming someone else, I really don’t take issue with it.”

“Well, at the very least, transgenders are making people uncomfortable. What’s next? A grown man identifies as a child and dates a six-year old?”

“You do realize that African-Americans used to have to drink at different water fountains and use different restrooms because it made people uncomfortable? Losing a bit of comfort is not the same as being hurt or endangered,” said Sams. “Secondly, the slippery slope argument is a fear-based mentality. The logic you applied there is exactly what people in favor of segregation used to say. ‘First, they’ll be drinking from our water fountains, then they’ll be eating at our restaurants, and going to our schools.’ All I’m saying is to check to see what side of history you want to end up on.”

Charles proceeded to explain to Sams that transgenderism is a type of body dysmorphia, which he said is proof that there’s “something wrong with those people.” Sams countered by trying to break normalcy down sociologically, which prompted Charles to end the conversation abruptly by calling Sams a “libtard,” denouncing “political correctness,” and leaving shortly after.


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