Area Man Frustrated by the Agenda of Tolerance And Equality Fake News Keeps Pushing

Toothless redneck waves confederate flag in the air at a White Power rally.

REFORM, AL — Area Man Billy “Roll Tide” McGee was frustrated by the agenda of tolerance and equality fake news keeps pushing.

While flipping back and forth between Fox News and college football, a curious McGee reckoned he’d tune into CNN, or what they call “libtard news” around the trailer park.

He saw a report about a Texas legislator proposing jail time for women, who have abortions in order to get them to “take responsibility for their actions.” The guest interviewee on the topic condoned the legislator for what she called a “grossly sexist proposal.”

“That’s a human life, libtard,” McGee shouted at the screen, sloshing his Miller Lite on his lazy-boy chair. “Murderer!”

He was ready to change back to the Bama — Auburn game before the program switched over to Trump’s threat of nuclear war against North Korea.

“Nuke ‘em,” screamed McGee. “Blow ‘em sky high. Kill every last one of those commies like Obama didn’t have the balls to do. That’s what happens when you get a man of God in the White House instead of a damn muslim.”

On a typical day, McGee would have quickly gone back to his usual programs, however, he was absorbed and outraged by the liberals and the millennial snowflake guests, showing their support for uppity groups like Black Lives Matter, and the LGBT movement.

Of course, what really seemed to trigger McGee, was the backlash the former Apprentice host Donald Trump received for tweeting that transgender soldiers would be kicked out of their military service. McGee adamantly agreed that it was time to pull the plug on that “social experiment.”

Lastly, to top it all off, CNN had the nerve to say that immigrants, “probably ISIS insurgents” as McGee pointed out, were the foundation the United States was built on.

“If Hollywood and the liberals had it their way, the coloreds would have affirmative action, the poor would get hand-outs, women would be on equal pay even though they can get pregnant, and our children would have to see the gays, and be more likely to become gay themselves.”

Unfortunately, The Millennial Snowflake didn’t have the opportunity to record a full-length interview to get McGee to expound on his beliefs, since he had to go grocery shopping with his food stamps before buying a new confederate flag belt buckle.


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