The American Dream As Told By Millennials

The American Dream is changing rapidly. In the past, the phrase revolved around the idea of success in the United States. You’d get a job, marry, and buy a house to start a family in — all at a young age. The American Dream as it was, mirrored the ultra-capitalist mentality that forged the U.S. into a world power. However, millennials are replacing the American Dream as their parents knew it, with a new dream of their own.

Jessica Welsh, 23, Waitress

Millennial smoking a vape.

To me, the American Dream is about the pursuit of happiness. Some people they need a big house, a nice car, cool clothes, but for what? I live at home. Fortunately, me and the rents are tight and it’s way more financially responsible than paying rent for an apartment. Besides, putting money back into this system essentially makes us complicit for funding prolonged wars in the middle east. Oil wars. Fuck that noise, fam. Not about that.

Taylor Ansley, 22, Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencer poses for a picture.

I’m living the American Dream. It’s about freedom of time, and having your peace of mind. I can go anywhere, anytime. I mean, I do use my parent’s SkyMiles, but as a social media influencer, sometimes the brands will fly me places, too. Ibiza, Santorini, Bali, you name it.

Austin McFadden, 26, Unemployed 

Millennial douchebags get too comfortable.

Two words. Tony Robbins. That guy is the embodiment of the American Dream. I’ve hard him speak five different times. It was life-changing every single time. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

Brenna Oosthuizen, 23, Also Unemployed 

Lonely millennial snowflake stares out a window, pondering where her life went wrong.

The American Dream is to be accepted for who you are. Whether you’re black, white, non-binary, transgender, vegan, a transgender vegan, or unemployed and broke. But like honestly, I’d say until cannabis is legalized in all fifty states, the true American Dream can’t become a reality.

Jacob Ashton, 25, Talent and Vibe Manager 

Douchebag millennial smiles at his phone screen while taking a selfie.

Have you ever seen The Wolf of Wall Street? That’s the real American Dream. Work hard, play harder. That’s capitalism at it’s finest. First of all, let me just say that Leo’s a freakin’ legend. But secondly, that movie inspired me to try to get a midget tossing game set up in our office. My boss hasn’t bit on it just yet, but it’s coming.

Daniel Ortega, 26, Mortician’s Apprentice

Dead in the eyes millennial looks deeply into the camera.

The American Dream is dead.

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