The American Dream Granted Restraining Order Against Trump

Trump grabs Lady Liberty by the pussy.

The United States Supreme Court granted a temporary restraining order on Thursday against Donald J. Trump on behalf of the American Dream.

The American Dream hopes that this is just the first step in the beginning of the impeachment process as it now “fears for its life.”

“I don’t feel safe anymore. I wanted to give myself to everyone. Regardless of race, gender, religion, or economic class, I always wanted to be believed in much in the same way I believe in the American people, including those who come here in search of me — something that Orange buffoon doesn’t understand,” said the American Dream. “I’ve been harassed, assaulted, and ultimately, damaged by Mr. Trump over the course of these last ten months. I want to be free to give myself to all those who pursue me.”

In its list of complaints and transgressions on the part of Trump, The American Dream cited Trump’s desire to “build that wall,” his apparent nativism and abhorrent treatment of immigrants, his response to the Neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, his abandonment of the U.S. territory Puerto Rico, his neglect of the healthcare systems set up by the Obama administration, his collusion with Russia during the election, his war on science and intellectualism, including but not limited to his climate change denial, his support of anti-LGBT groups, and his escalation of tensions with North Korea and subsequent nuclear armament.

“I’ve been violated in every way by this man. He’s attempted to put up walls to separate me from the people who need me most. He’s supported the very men who model themselves after the Nazis that attempted to destroy me nearly seventy years ago. He’s abandoned U.S. citizens when catastrophe has brought them to their knees. He’s thrown paper towels and called that aid, while chastising them for draining the same budget that funds his golfing trips. He threatens the literal health of my people. His health care ‘strategy’ is another name for eugenics. Everyone should have access to me. They are not a burden, and I was never meant to be whored out to the highest bidders. If all that weren’t cause enough, he threatens mine and everyone else’s existence with nuclear threats and denying what’s happening to our earth, though perhaps the steps to change may be small and incremental,” said the American Dream.

“To the widow of the Green Beret Sgt. La David T. Johnson, this is not what you signed up for. And it’s not what your husband signed up to fight for either. You deserve so much better. But I promise you this: no wall and no man, no matter how evil or persistent, will stop me from being there for you.”

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