ADD Cop Abandons Pulled-over Speeder to Pursue a Different Speeder

DENVER — Officer Dantley had a black Jeep Cherokee pulled over on the right shoulder of the road for going fifteen miles per hour above the speed limit, prompting the vast majority of drivers to slam on their brakes as they passed by. However, a red BMW going ten miles per hour above the speed limit caused the officer to abandon the Jeep to pursue the newer, brighter, shinier vehicle in passing.

Officer Dantley managed to catch the vehicle, likely saving countless of lives from the reckless speeder. Some witnesses were surprised to see the officer disengage the first vehicle to pursue the driver of the BMW, however, most felt that the incident confirmed their logic for slamming on their brakes in those types of situations.

“Everyone always acts like, ‘Oh, he’s already got someone pulled over. Why would he leave that person to come after me in the middle of all these cars?’ Well, guess what? It just happened,” said Isaac Gregory, one of the witnesses.

When we asked Officer Dantley about the incident, he said, “What Jeep? I pulled over the shiny red car.”

Isaac Gregory called it a sobering moment and a good reminder to “always slam on your brakes when a cop has someone else pulled over.”

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