5 lessons my father taught me, all involving his desire to be a professional ice dancer

My father, before tragically passing away from a heart attack at age 63, instilled in me some values that I’ll always carry with me. I use each of these values every single day, and I’ll always remember him. And how badly he wanted to be a professional ice dancer.

  1. Courage- My father was a respected man, and one of the most significant things he ever taught me was how to be courageous. My father never cared what others thought of him, especially when people would yell “HEY YOU ICE DANCING WEIRDO, GET OFF THE ICE” during hockey practices. Yes, my father sure was brave, and that’s something I’ll always carry with me.
  2. Honesty- My pop taught me from a very young age the importance of telling the truth and being straightforward with others. I remember a time when I was a young lad, when he pulled me aside and said “look, I’ll level with you. I love ice dancing. I love it so much. Probably more than you, and your mom, and both of you put together. Damn, do I sure love ice dancing.” Honesty was an invaluable trait of his.
  3. Respect- Dad was always respectful of others, and demanded respect from others as well. However, he rarely received said respect, cause of how often he would wear ice dancing costumes out in public.
  4. Grace- Pretty self-explanatory. He was a graceful guy. I don’t think I ever saw him fall, trip or stumble. Though one time he did lose his footing and pulled off a flawless 720 spin in the middle of a Wendy’s. No one cheered like he was expecting, though.
  5. Ice Dancing- After being homeschooled for 18 years, having to practice ice dancing 10 hours every day, and having recently received gold at the Winter Olympics, I guess you could say I learned a little bit of ice dancing from my old man. I would have loved to have been an accountant like him, though.
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