4/10 Americans Still Waiting on Ashton Kutcher to Let the Nation Know It’s Been Punk’d

Trump and Ashton Kutcher on fake episode art of Punk'd.

ATLANTA — A recent poll conducted by The Millennial Snowflake showed that roughly 40% of Americans are still waiting on Ashton Kutcher to let the nation know it has been Punk’d.

Kutcher’s television show Punk’d consists of pranking celebrities and then revealing that it is a prank after eliciting a reaction from them. America has already hit the boiling point that would usually prompt Kutcher to intervene. However, he has not come out yet, leading many to believe reality tv star Donald Trump getting elected was not actually a terrifying and elaborate joke, but instead, a saddening reality.

Furthering the perception that the election was a complete joke were the comments made by Trump, including gems like “Grab her by the pu$$y.” Most parents would whip their kid for talking like that and yet, the man was elected president.

Then of course, Trump’s man crush on Russian president Vladimir Putin and the blatant collusion between the administration and the Kremlin appeared to be the perfect note to wrap up the prank — but the show goes on.

Many believe Trump’s impeachment will be the great reveal that the United States was just Punk’d. Until then, 4/10 Americans will continue to wait.

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