’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 to Feature ‘Zombified’ Hannah Baker

In an exclusive interview with The Millennial Snowflake, Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) provided readers with a sneak peek into Season 2.

“We understand that many viewers had some concerns about the portrayal of Hannah’s death and its potential impact on the audience,” Langford began. “That’s why for Season 2, we decided to deviate from Jay Asher’s 2007 novel entirely. The fact of the matter is that teenagers and young adults are too impressionable. We don’t want to have any unfortunate incidents on our conscience.”

“However, we still wanted an engaging storyline that people could identify with and enjoy. So we decided to turn the Hannah Baker character into a zombie, who takes revenge on her classmates. We figured that this new direction couldn’t possibly have negative repercussions,” Langford explained.

“Frankly, we made a mistake classifying such a potentially distressing series as a ‘teen drama,’” series developer Brian Yorkey admitted. “That being said, this new season will be an all out gore fest, which we are specifically marketing to adults. No one has ever gotten offended over World War Z or The Walking Dead, so we thought such horror narratives might provide a suitable framework for 13 Reasons Why. We want the world to know that we do care about the mental health and well-being of adolescents and young adults.”

13 Reasons Why I Crave Brains will debut on Netflix on May 18th.

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